Hot Tub Installation Completed

It’s finally done!  The new 8-person Jacuzzi J-365 hot tub has been installed on our new deck.  The new hot tub has great views of the mountains and will no doubt prove to be a favorite feature for all of our guests.  In addition to the hot tub, we’ve also decided to provide guests with extra large hot tub towels.  Our experience in houses we’ve rented in the past is that your bath towel and hot tub towel usually end up being the same towel which means at some point in the day you end drying yourself with a wet towel.

The task of having the hot tub installed was more monumental than we’d anticipated and ended up taking about 45 days longer than we had originally planned for.  In the end, however, we were able to get it up and running before any guests arrived, which was our primary concern from the outset.  We’ve updated all of our websites to reflect the new change and just as soon we actually get up there to use it, we’ll be putting some pictures up!
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